Tuesday, February 15, 2011

probation time

Since last 2 days,i didnt taken my rice!yeayyy...and today is my 3rd day.i'm about to success in train myself.maybe i can make my low carbs diet after this,not taken rice at all..hehe.i have repeat to myself 100 times,i'm not hungry,i need to do this..
as long as i'm not fallin sick,its ok for me.doing this i feels great,besides i have do exercise like jogs every release stress,trust me...
when we're getting older we hopes that life will gets better and better..
i have to do work hard,eat less,save more...may our life will successful and brights all over the year and for the rest of our life!

she do inspired me...
and of coz my idols,do inspired me more hehe

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Low Carbohydrate Diet

The Low Carbohydrate Diet is very similar to the Atkins Diet although a strict two-week induction period is not always followed. Although the Low Carbohydrate Diet is not as strict as the Atkins Diet, it focuses a lot on keeping carbs as low as possible.

The American Academy of Family Physicians provides the following definition of the Low Carbohydrate Diet:

Low-carbohydrate diets restrict caloric intake by reducing the consumption of carbohydrates to 20 to 60 g per day (typically less than 20 percent of the daily caloric intake). The consumption of protein and fat is increased to compensate for part of the calories that formerly came from carbohydrates.

The Low Carbohydrate Diet is followed by people who wish to lose a significant amount of weight as well as those with diabetes and epilepsy. This diet is also very similar to the South Beach Diet as well as the Zone Diet in the way that they all restrict bad carbs.

The point of consuming a small amount of carbohydrates is to reduce or eliminate insulin production in the body and to encourage ketosis (production of ketones to to be used as energy instead of glucose). The Low Carbohydrate Diet advocates reducing the consumption of nutritive carbohydrates (net carbs) to very low levels. This means the dieter must reduce or eliminate the consumption of desserts, breads, pasta, potatoes, rice, and other sweet or starchy foods. Some recommend levels as low as 20-30 grams of “net carbs” per day, at least in the early stages of dieting.

The Low Carbohydrate Diet is comprised of meats, cheeses, fats, and leafy green vegetables. The point is to keep carbs to a minimum. This diet prohibits the consumption of sugar, white flour, and starchy vegetables. Many people swear by the Low Carbohydrate Diet as a lifestyle since you not only lose a lot of weight, but it also helps you keep your figure.

The Low Carbohydrate Diet is an excellent diet since followers are allowed to eat as much as they want of the allowed foods. Hundreds of celebrities follow this diet religiously and they include Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Stacey Keibler and LL Cool J.

So if you want to lose some extra weight and keep it off too, join the revolutionary Low Carbohydrate Diet to start shed off those unwanted pounds. It is an excellent diet that actually works unlike other diets that are just fads, this is the real thing!