Tuesday, February 15, 2011

probation time

Since last 2 days,i didnt taken my rice!yeayyy...and today is my 3rd day.i'm about to success in train myself.maybe i can make my low carbs diet after this,not taken rice at all..hehe.i have repeat to myself 100 times,i'm not hungry,i need to do this..
as long as i'm not fallin sick,its ok for me.doing this i feels great,besides i have do exercise like jogs every release stress,trust me...
when we're getting older we hopes that life will gets better and better..
i have to do work hard,eat less,save more...may our life will successful and brights all over the year and for the rest of our life!

she do inspired me...
and of coz my idols,do inspired me more hehe


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